It's scripted. The characters have been created. I just have to get some voice actors, then I'll be able to start animating!

I could either just create more shorts with different characters, or continue something.

Impressions of the Community

2015-05-29 01:59:56 by 1029chris

Newgrounds seems to have a smaller, but more helpful community when compared to Youtube. I like it, people give me actual critique and legitamate comliments in the comments. The content of the site seems to have actual effort put into it. Also, the way Youtube handles content can discourage animators these days. I think I'll stick with Newgrounds, and I hope others do too.

But I'm still using youtube. The community is just bigger.


2015-05-20 22:53:44 by 1029chris

Hello! I'm new here on Newgrounds. I wanted an alternative to youtube, and this seems pretty neat.