Impressions of the Community

2015-05-29 01:59:56 by 1029chris

Newgrounds seems to have a smaller, but more helpful community when compared to Youtube. I like it, people give me actual critique and legitamate comliments in the comments. The content of the site seems to have actual effort put into it. Also, the way Youtube handles content can discourage animators these days. I think I'll stick with Newgrounds, and I hope others do too.

But I'm still using youtube. The community is just bigger.


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2015-05-29 13:17:54

I agree wholeheartedly, NG is fantastic for looking for other people to collaborate with and looking for other people who are doing what you're doing, it's great! always gonna have an account on here

also I'll totally sub 4 sub with you on youtube if you want! Youtube I can sort of post whatever I want on there, so there's just a lot more content on there than just animation which is kinda nice lol


2015-05-29 18:28:13

Ewww dont sub 4 sub. Newgrounds has artists like me that r 2 kool for YT. im planning on it soon doe


2015-06-25 05:30:59

This is why I normally promote my Newgrounds versions of my Cartoons over my Youtube versions. in fact I upload to Newgrounds first, and upload to youtube after a day or so.